Carpet Stretching and Repair

Please call for a free estimate if you believe your carpet may need restorative work. It could save you thousands in carpet replacement.

  • Carpet re-stretching: poorly installed and older carpets may develop wrinkles, lumps, waves, bulges, bubbles and bunches. Superior Carpet and Upholstery Care has the expertise to re-stretch your carpet; a far more cost effective option than carpet replacement.
  • Carpet seam repair & transitions: poorly installed and older carpets may begin separating at the seams, pull off its tack strip, develop frayed ends or loosen at the floor transition areas. Superior Carpet and Upholstery Care can fix that too! Call us to extend the life of your carpet.
  • Carpet patching: if you have unsightly stained, burned or damaged sections in your carpet, we have the ability to replace that section, providing you have matching carpet remnants. If you do not have spare carpet pieces, we could remove some from a discreet section of your closet.

Here at Superior Carpet & Upholstery Care we pride ourselves on the level of quality we provide to our customers.

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